Urban Paradise

Put together a short edit video of some local waters in downtown Boise, Idaho. This is a river that is often slept on and very under rated by locals. Hope you enjoy!



The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

Yesterday the snow started to come down… pretty hard too. The only thing I could think about at work was how bad I wanted to get on the water. There is something about winter fishing that pleases me more than any other season. Yeah it sucks being cold, but the solitude, and the emptiness of the river just can’t be beat. Not the mention the fishing is awesome too. Anyway, I was miserable knowing I wouldn’t be out of work until right before sundown giving me no chance to fish. Suddenly a miracle happened and half the crew was sent home early (including me). I instantly got out of my uniform and called one of my good friends and set for the river. As soon as we hit the water the snow was coming down so thick you could barely see 20 feet out. I ran down to the run and started throwing a new streamer pattern I just tied up a few nights prior. On the second cast, I gave it a few strips and BAM! Nice healthy Boise River Brown Trout to the net. The day went on and we missed a few more on streamers but we also managed a few nice rainbows as well as the typical abundance of winter whitefish. Most of the other fish were all taken on a size 16 ice cream cone (that fly has been killing it in town recently). All in all, a great day on the water. Moral of the story… Always fish the snow storm…


Managed a few pictures…


Cold & Windy Day in town

The plan was to get up really early… Ended up sleeping in until 9 AM and my wife was making coffee so I decided to take my time. Once the coffee was in me I was ready to brace the weather outside so I went up to some new water on the Boise River to meet up with some friends. This particular stretch was very open, and it was brutal trying to throw streamers in the 20 mph winds. After about an hour we were calling it quits in this spot so we went our separate ways. I knew I had to get some more time on the river because today was my last day off for another week so I Decided I would head up further in town where there were more trees blocking me from the wind. Little did I know it would end up being one of the hottest 2 hours I would ever have on the River. I put down my streamer rod and decided to go with nymphing. Throwing an Ice Cream cone with a size 20 Miracle Midge dropped off the bottom was the best decision I had all day. Most fish were taken on the Ice Cream Cone with a few on the MM. Need less to say it ended up being a stellar day on the water with 15 bows to the net and 4 over 16 inches. I didn’t get pictures of all of them but I did manage a few.